The future is within us

With the help of the Robot Maria we want to increase the efficiency of jobs and supplement the workforce.


It is a well-known fact that robots can work at much faster speeds than humans


The programming that is assumed in creating a robot, works with accurate data up to millimeters and even smaller units of measurement


Being an element of novelty, robots easily attract people's attention and arouse their interest and curiosity more and more with each passing day.


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Who is Maria? ?

Your first contact with Robot Maria

Our Team

The future is within us

Croitoiu Dan AlexandruCo-Founder

I am 20 years old and I am a student at the Faculty of Mathematics in Iasi.

Ciopraga Răzvan Programmer

I am 20 years old and I am the mentor of the robotics team QUARTZ Robotics Romania.


What technologies, programs and tools did I use?

  • Programming


    Programming languages ​​+ text editor

  • Python

  • Arduino

  • Raspberry pi

  • Visual Studio Code

  • Documentation
  • Mechanics and 3d printing


    Used software and printers

  • Fusion 360

  • Creo

  • CNC

  • Prusa Mk3

  • Documentation
  • Promotional materials

    Software used

  • Photoshop Cs6

  • Canva

  • PowerPoint

  • Visual Studio Code

  • Html5, Css3, Javascript, Bootstrap4

  • Documentation


Passion for programming, love of mechanics and thirst for curiosity were the necessary ingredients for this project

Why female?

Why isn't Marius?

The answer to this has its origins in the very beginning of time.

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How did we meet?

Where did the idea come from?

Our passions and the fact that we are in the same high school have contributed a lot!

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Where we want to go?

Research or mass production project?

Robot Maria a controversy even for us, started as a research project with big plans.

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For starters, Robot Maria can be used for the following areas:

Information centers

Instead of wasting human resources or putting up information boards such as those in the mall, Maria could provide information about each area of ​​the building and / or location.


It could store in a database the information about a tourist circuit and the frequently asked questions, but at the same time, thanks to the machine learning algorithm behind it, it could formulate answers for the next new questions.

Organizing events

It could make reservations for movies or plays and automatically send the ticket and a reminder half an hour before the event to the buyer's email.


Can give full presentations and / or open presentations, speeches or lectures at important events


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